LOTUSIGN's story

Interpreter, blue shirt, signs with eyes closed -emotional expression in front of stage and artist.

the agency

Founded in 2006, LOTUSIGN is a full-service access management agency for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  Specializing in music and large events, LOTUSIGN also supports the full range of interpreting needs, including health care, education, court and law enforcement, rehabilitation, workplace communication and public and private ceremonies of every kind. Frequently cited as a world-class provider of American Sign Language (ASL) services, LOTUSIGN organized and led interpreting at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC.  More here.

with the Deaf community

Operating nationally from our office in Austin, Texas LOTUSIGN is a major contributor to the professional interpretation of music and other performing arts.  Cooperative efforts with Deaf mentors, consumers, artists and colleagues allowed LOTUSIGN to turn ASL into visual art and pioneer Deaf and Hard of Hearing access to the artistry, message, spirit and emotion of concerts, festivals, conferences and plays. Comments or Suggestions? Tell us more here!

supporting the deaf ecosystem

LOTUSIGN is a member of Texas Deaf Chamber of Commerce and supports the model of Deaf Ecosystems to enhance the empowerment, purchasing power, and economic mobility of Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals. The Deaf Ecosystem’s fundamental approach is to retain and harness the collective socio-economic power of individuals, organizations, and businesses through community collaboration and support. More here.


The experienced team at LOTUSIGN frequently volunteers at community happenings. Events supported with free or discounted interpreting include many non-profit or smaller-scale commercial performances where resources are limited, as well as events staged by and for the Deaf community.  Request volunteers here.