music and other special events

Close up of  Woman interpreting. Behind is Singer on stage with purple spotlights.


LOTUSIGN interpreters can step into your arena or concert venue on short notice to deliver a dynamically equivalent experience for your Deaf or Hard of Hearing patrons, whether from the stage, from a platform, the front row, or from GA seating. LOTUSIGN is expert at working within existing constraints to deliver accommodations that discreetly meet the needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing patrons.



As the founder of large access programs at ACL Fest, SXSW, and Lollapalooza, LOTUSIGN has the experience and artistry to provide total communication access in the multi-artist, multi-genre, multi-day, all-weather conditions of festivals. LOTUSIGN will prepare hundreds of interpretations for large events, but is also known for its unique ability to adapt to last-minute changes in artist lineups, setlists, and audience requests. 

President Obama smiles in front of stage with interpreters in back with flags and secret service.

other public events

With many years of experience interpreting events of every kind, LOTUSIGN can create sign language access to comedy, theater, performing arts, political events, drag shows, family shows, dramas, and musicals. Inside or out, brief or extended, one-off or an extended run, LOTUSIGN has done it all.

Smiling man stands, LOTUSIGN CREW shirt, access pass, hands on hips in front of festival production.

full production teams

 LOTUSIGN has turn-key teams for events of every size, from the most intimate ceremony to sprawling outdoor extravaganzas. Expertise includes community outreach, volunteer management, planning, design, build-out, execution, and post-production reporting. As needed, LOTUSIGN can advise the management team of newly accessible events, working seamlessly with production managers, security, and technical specialists to incorporate dynamic access into overall design and operations.