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Guest Speaker series

Leisha Barnette, Leadership & Development with Purpose

Coming!  Summer 2019 Programming

Carly Pollack


Conscious Eating is an immersive 4-week online program aimed at erasing old thought patterns and freeing yourself from the food prison of dieting - all while losing weight and feeling great. This is a course which allows you to dive into the essence of what conscious eating means as well as connecting to your inner guide and making eating decisions from a deeper and more loving place.

All online programs 20% off with lodging at LotuSIGN INstitute's Cramer Creek Ranch.

Barbie Parker Greenwater, Founder and Director

SIGN IN: Agreeing to Live Like You Mean It

Interpreting sign language for live music events, Barbie Parker Greenwater created the life of her dreams and wants to share her path with you. 

Retreat Program

SIGN IN! The week-long program– In the quiet beauty of  Montana find your path to showing up for your best life, while exploring nature and experiencing the exhilaration of outdoor activities.

Day One Seminars

Spiritual Principles in Your Work Life, A Day One Seminar - What's the benefit of living a life you love and carrying that into your entire life?  Being able to access your inner resources and fully showing up in the workplace without being depleted by the end of the day!  Find out how in this simple program.

Day One Seminars with Coaching

Just 40, Finding Your Ideal Partner - Finding lasting love requires being in love with yourself first.  This easy program gets to the deeper connections we can make to invite love to stay. Couples sessions to deepen your ideal partnership are co-lead by Anthony Greenwater.

Loved, Loving, & Lovable, A list of Evidence - When working towards the truth, one must find evidence to support the ideas of our love ability.  This program works to build up our foundation for lasting and loving relationships of all kinds.

Remote Coaching

Personal Mission Creation, a personalized remote program– You can tell a lot about a person by how she lives her life. Don’t have a personal mission statement? Now might be a good time to create one and get the most out of your life. A good personal mission statement tells you what drives your decisions and where your life goes as a result.


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