Welcome to LotuSIGN

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capital of the World, LotuSIGN leads the industry in integrating music and performance into American Sign Language (ASL). Our experienced team understands the artistic nature of the work, and ensures that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience has access to the content, message, spirit, and artistic quality of concerts, festivals, conferences, and plays. Originally founded as Alive Performance Interpreting (API), LotuSIGN has grown into a full service festival package and tour group offered nationwide. Our diverse group is able to provide all levels of accessibility.

More than Just Interpreters.

All LotuSIGN performers are trained and extremely talented, turning American Sign Language into visual art that will complement and mirror the style and emotions of the live music performance.

We are Performance Interpreters.

Work with professionals ensuring your venue has provided access that will impress your patrons as well as the artists showcased in your venue. High Intensity, Energetic, High Profile Musicians deserve the best representation.